Stills Crossroads 'Shine

Makers of Alabama's First Legal Moonshine Since Prohibition

Stills Crossroads 'Shine: Hand-Crafted in Union Springs by High Ridge Spirits


Stills Crossroads 'Shine Is Available in Restaurants, Bars and Package Stores.

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It's in the water.

It's in the water.

Water….it is the reason Creek Indians migrating west several hundred years ago settled in the area now known as Bullock County.

Legend has it they discovered 27 springs flowing from the ground, and it is where the city of Union Springs got its name.

Water… it is also the reason the award-winning master brewer and distiller Jamie Ray settled in this area to make fine whiskey.

Thirty years it took Jamie Ray to find the right place with the right water. And like all great things, it was worth the wait.

But long before Jamie Ray brought his artistry and knowledge of world-class spirits to Union Springs, Alabama, there were some locals who understood the importance of good water and knew a little bit about whiskey making as well.

For over 100 years moonshiners have been making whiskey in the southern part of Bullock County known as Stills Crossroads, named for the abundance of whiskey stills in the area.

Here Mother Nature created the perfect geology underneath the high ridge running through this area that filters the water before it flows from the earth.

The purity and mineral content are of a quality found few places in the world. And this is where Jamie Ray chose to locate High Ridge Spirits.

Revenuers have also long known about Stills Crossroads. Countless newspaper articles and even books chronicle the raids that have taken place here over the past century to bust up illegal moonshine operations that produced fine whiskey, which found its way all over the southeast.

But ol’ Jamie Ray, being the smart fellow that he is, knew better than to operate outside of the law. He did his homework, and along with his four partners, three homegrown Union Springs folks and a country boy from Georgia, created High Ridge Spirits that became the first legal whiskey distillery in the State of Alabama since before the prohibition of alcohol in the early 1900s.

Jamie’s proud to be the first, but he knows what really matters is being the best. High Ridge Spirits….art you can taste. It’s in the water.