Stills Crossroads 'Shine

Makers of Alabama's First Legal Moonshine Since Prohibition

Stills Crossroads 'Shine: Hand-Crafted in Union Springs by High Ridge Spirits


Stills Crossroads 'Shine Is Available in Restaurants, Bars and Package Stores.

Our Flavored 'Shine Range Is Coming Soon...






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Strawberry Balsamic Smash

Stills Crossroads Alabama 'Shine the opportunity to work with Birmingham-based The Bar Hops on the creation of this refreshing and festive zinger. We trotted the Strawberry Balsamic Smash out during a recent wedding industry event hosted by The NotWedding. It was a hit amongst brides-to-be and planners. Fresh muddled strawberries, a drizzle of balsamic and fresh mint... all prepared at 100 Proof...

Want the recipe?

Head over to The BarHops for the how-to! Photo credits: Spindle Photography, Morgan Trinker Photography