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Stills Crossroads 'Shine: Hand-Crafted in Union Springs by High Ridge Spirits


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PRESS RELEASE: Batch 1 Stills Crossroads Alabama 'Shine Delivered to ABC Board

Union Springs, AL -- High Ridge Spirits, Alabama’s first legal distillery since Prohibition in 1915, is making history October 21, 2013, by delivering 37 cases of Stills Crossroads Alabama ‘Shine to the ABC warehouse in Montgomery at 1:00pm CST.

“These cases have been pre-ordered by package stores around the State and individuals who want a case of the first legally distilled spirits in almost 100 years,” said Jamie Ray, founder of High Ridge Spirits.  “We still have some of Batch 1 available,” Ray said, “but not much. This is going to be a bottle of spirits that you put away for a special occasion.” 

Batch 1 of Stills Crossroads Alabama ‘Shine is pot-distilled from a Bullock County recipe using rye malt mash.  At 100 proof, it has a smooth taste with a subtle sweetness. “Apple Pie Alabama ‘Shine is our next product,” said Ray.  “We have a variety of flavors in the works.”

Stills Crossroads Alabama ‘Shine is made in Stills Crossroads, Alabama, a community in south Bullock County. Because of its pure water, Bullock County has long been known around the state for having the best illegal moonshine. The team at High Ridge Spirits is thrilled to be continuing the tradition in a way that will bring jobs and new industry to the area.

“We couldn’t have done this without help from the State ABC Board,” Ray said.  “

Licensing a distillery hasn’t occurred in Alabama since Prohibition was enacted and it was a learning experience for us and the ABC Board.  We truly appreciate their cooperation in helping us through this process.” 

A release party in the Montgomery area is scheduled for Wednesday night, October 23, 2013, at the Railyard Brewing Company in downtown Montgomery. Stills Crossroads ‘Shine will be available for purchase there and at your local ABC store soon. Other events are scheduled around the area, including the Farm to Fork Food Invasion at Hampstead in Montgomery on October 24th and the Martie Party on Dauphin Island on November 2nd.

For more details, please visit the High Ridge Spirits websites: and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

The High Ridge Spirits team bottling Batch 1 of Stills Crossroads Alabama 'Shine

The High Ridge Spirits team bottling Batch 1 of Stills Crossroads Alabama 'Shine